About The Author

Anelly America Schwab Alfaro

Anelly A. Schwab Alfaro was born in the Dominican Republic. Her first language is Spanish and from a very early age, she began formal studies to acquire English as a second language. Her Hispanic heritage is deep and diverse. After obtaining a B.A. in Economics and an M.B.A. at Florida International University, her interest in both English and Spanish continued with her studies in translation. She joined the American Translators Association and became an active member, while obtaining her English - Spanish certification in 1993.


Anelly has successfully participated in numerous translation projects, from tourism press releases and advertising to translation of legal documents, marketing materials for the pension and retirement field, private medical insurance policies and technical manuals.

Books By Anelly Schwab Alfaro

Since the age of 10, Anelly had a desire to one day write and illustrate children's books.

In her first book. “¡Hoy voy a la playa! Today I go to the beach!,” Anelly draws from her childhood memories of going to the beach in Puerto Rico with her family and reliving memories of summer trips to the shore with her sister. The book is dedicated to her adult sons, Nicholas, Derek and Charles Schwab who grew up in Miami, Florida, who as competitive swimmers all their formative lives, enjoyed the South Florida beaches as their playground, surfing the waves, swimming and snorkeling and enjoying building castles, running and walking the sandy shores.


Her second book, “Kingly y yo: un paseo por el cañaveral/Kingly and I: A Trip around the Sugar Cane Farm,” was written to honor her grandparents and their life at the farm. The entire book is a memoir of her early years visiting her grandparents. Spending time at the sugar cane farm was a sweet event in her life that she wants to share with young readers. 

Both works are bilingual and Anelly believes that language acquisition is easy to obtain. Just listen to a book, memorize the words, or try to find out their sense. With this, young readers will acquire one, two, or possibly even three languages.